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M/M Valentine's Day Blog Hop

It's Valentine's Day and what better way to celebrate than a quickie? That's right a flash story centered around Valentine's. To sweeten the hop...we're all giving away a gift to you, our awesome readers. So check out my contribution below, then leave a comment and let me know what you think.

I'm giving away an ebook of Saving Sultan, the Beyond Fairytales story where you first meet Liam and Dillon! This is a flashback to the last Valentine's Day before everything changed for them.

Dillon lay in bed and rubbed his eyes. He held his phone over his head and swiped his finger across the screen. Alerts flashed at him, way too many for normal.

What the hell? He clicked on the social media logo that wouldn’t leave him alone. Shit.

Valentine’s Day. Everyone had sent him a message wishing him a happy Valentine’s Day.

What was the point of the holiday? Sure, getting stuff was cool in elementary school, but he was headed out soon. College. Parties. Fun. Not mushy, cheesy holidays to have an excuse to shower some puppy love romance in chocolate.

He shook his head and typed a generic message to everyone. “Thanks, everyone. Happy Valentine’s Day to you too.”

Dillon slid off the bed, still wearing his clothes from the night before, and headed into the living room where he found his best friend Liam asleep on the couch.

“Wake up, shithead. I gotta go help Dad with the horses and stock. If we’re going to make it tonight we need to be outta here by ten.”

Liam groaned. “Fucker. Why the hell did you let me drink all that shit last night. How am I supposed to ride with a hangover like this?”

Dillon chuckled and smiled. The girls they’d met last night were out of this world hot. He and Liam didn’t party too much, but last night’s bonfire had been worth it in his mind.

Sure, they had a rodeo to ride in tonight, but he’d fight through the headache. Liam would too.

“Because you want to win the money and we need this to get our pro cards. So get your ass up, shower, drink some of Dad’s shitty ass coffee and be ready to go when I get back.”

He grabbed a pillow off the floor and tossed it at Liam’s head as he walked out the front door.

Dillon stopped and looked over his shoulder. “Oh yeah, Happy Valentine’s Day.” He laughed again when Liam mumbled and threw the pillow at the door.


“Valentine’s Day. Of course. And that fucker is waltzing through the house like he didn’t drink half a case of beer and half a bottle of Jack last night.”

Liam rubbed his head, the hangover almost bad enough he debated going back to sleep. But he didn’t want to miss any more time with Dillon. In a few months Dillon was off to school and Liam wasn’t sure what he would do. One thing he did know, his chance of telling the guy who was his best friend, that he had one hell of a crush on him. As far as Dillon knew, Liam was straight. Loved the girls as much as Dillon did. The fa├žade was getting harder to hold on to. Especially on mornings like this when he was hungover and his defenses were down. Of course it didn’t help that Dillon owned whatever place he stepped into.

He closed his eyes. The guy looked good with bed head and wrinkled clothes. His jeans slung down low on his hips and Liam wanted to kiss every inch of his skin.

Shit. Dillon would run for the hills if he knew how much Liam wanted him these days. How many nights he’d spent dreaming of kissing Dillon. Holding him as they fell asleep together.

“I’m so screwed.”

“Morning, Liam.” Liam jumped at the deep timber of Patrick Sultan’s voice. Patrick was Dillon’s dad. The man was more observant than anyone he knew. That alone made him uncomfortable. He didn’t know how the old man would react to the news that his son’s best friend was gay.

No matter what they all still lived in small town Texas. Not exactly known for open-mindedness and acceptance. Especially on the rodeo circuit he and Dillon had been competing in since they were old enough to ride in junior division events. Tonight was their biggest event yet. If they each one an event they’d make their pro cards and could start competing for the real money in the PRCA as well as a place at the National Final’s Rodeo—a dream come true for Liam.

“Morning, sir. Dillon thought you were out working already.”

He laughed. “That boy of mine has lost his mine. I’ve already been out, finished chores, and had a pot of coffee since coming back in. I’ll let him do some work for a while, though. Serves him right for sleeping in. I take it the two of you had a good time last night.”

Patrick sat in his recliner, his mug in his right hand and a piece of toast in his left. “Yes, sir. We did. Feeling rough this morning, to be honest.”

“Of course you are. Shouldn’t be doing the things you’re doing. But I was like you once, I get it. As long as you stay safe and don’t do something stupid, I figure the consequences teach a better lesson than I can.”

“Patrick, I mean, sir, do you think…”

Liam let the question trail off. Asking the father of his crush his thoughts on gays wasn’t such a brilliant idea.

“Spit it out, boy.”

“Nah. It’s okay.” Liam stood from the couch and stretched his arms over his head. He reached into his pockets and found something that wasn’t his phone or his keys. Unsure of what it was, he slowly pulled it out. Two tickets to a concert this summer. One he and Dillon had been dying to go to.

“Fuck me.” He groaned then apologized when the TV clicked on and he remembered Patrick being in the room.

“No problem. You got something on your mind?”

Yes. He did. But no, he wouldn’t say a word about it. The tickets to the concert where a stupid idea. He never should have bought them and thank god he hadn’t given them to Dillon like he’d originally planned.

“It’s fine. I’ll work it out.”

The door slammed shut behind him.

“Dad, why the hell didn’t you say something already? I know you heard me tell Liam I was going out to find you. You could have come and told me, but no, you let me get all the way to the pasture and here from Shep that you two already took care of everything?” Dillon walked over to Liam and yanked the tickets out of his hand. “What are these?” Liam held his breath while Dillon read the slips of paper. “Holy shit. You got tickets to this show?” Liam nodded. “Yeah. Got ‘em when they went on sale yesterday.”

“And there are two? So one of these is for…”

He slowly released the breath he’d been holding. Might as well go for broke. “You.”

“Hot damn!” Dillon waved them in front of his dad. “We’re going to the concert I was telling you about. This is fucking awesome. Thanks, man.”

“Yeah. It’s all good.” Dillon headed for the kitchen. Liam whispered, “Happy Valentine’s Day.” Then followed his best friend in for coffee.

From over his shoulder he heard, “Don’t worry, son. You’ll both figure it out when the time is right.”

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Dillon Sultan never imagined he might some day lose Sultan Ranch. He’s got one month to find the money needed to keep the bank from taking his family’s land. One month to find a miracle.

Liam Callahan hasn’t talked to his best friend since the night they kissed six years ago. Now he’s got a chance to make things right and catch the man of his dreams. But first, he has to help Dillon figure out a way to keep Sultan Ranch.

But when Dillon’s family is betrayed, and he learns that Liam hasn’t been totally honest with him, will he lose everything that matters most?

Purchase: Amazon | Barnes and Noble | All Romance

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My Sexy Saturday is a chance to share sexy moments from a WIP, upcoming release, or previously published work. Post 7 words, sentences, or paragraphs...whatever works for you! Check out the participants here.

Welcome back and hello to the newcomers! This week I'm sharing a snippet from my upcoming release, Burning in Tennessee. If you enjoy this excerpt then be sure to read the first chapter here. It's available for pre-order now!

All around them birds chirped, insects sang, and little animals scampered through the woods behind his house. Early summer was his favorite time of year. He loved listening to nature wake up and get ready for the heat late Tennessee summers could bring. He settled back down in his chair.

Becca went inside to toss her empty bottle in the trash. When she came back through the sliding door, she stopped in front of him. Her hands fidgeted with the seams on the side of her jeans before she plopped down in his lap, legs thrown over the arms of the chair.

Okay, that makes the night better.

Rebecca Waterstone left her high school sweetheart in Graysville ten years ago. At the time she had no plans to return home, ever, thanks to heartbreaker Jonah Caroway. When she receives a call from the hospital that her uncle has had a heart attack and may not make it through the night she has to go home and face her past once more.

Jonah Caroway regrets letting Becca walk out of his life to go to New York ten years ago. She wanted to be a teacher and explore the great city of while he wanted to stay home in small town U.S.A. Now she's back and this time he won't let history repeat itself.

When faced with the decision of staying in Graysville or returning to New York she's not sure what to do. Will Jonah be able to convince her they are meant to be together or will she choose to leave the past in the past?

See you next week!

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Share the Love Blog Hop!

This time it's not about getting likes for our personal pages but surprising bloggers and authors we adore with new likes for their pages.

I adore the idea of this hop because I'm always excited to pimp out authors I love! Of course my list could get very long, as could most everyone's I would imagine.

I'm giving away an ebook from each of these two authors. Winner's choice! Leave a comment telling us who YOUR favorite author is! Let's spread the love. Don't forget to leave your email!

Earn extra entries by following/liking Amy Gregory and/or V.S. Morgan. Let me know you followed for an additional entry for each follow/like (links below).

One of the authors I absolutely adore is Amy Gregory. I started as a mega fan of Amy's Racing to Love series. When I found out she was a local to me author, we got to know each other and now she's also a dear friend.

She has TWO wonderful series available.

Check out the first book of the Racing to Love series, Carter's Treasure.

Check out the first book of the Finding Perfect series, Mike's Way Back.

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The second author I adore is an author who is more than willing to help her fellow authors and her books are HOT and AMAZING! Here's a shout out to V.S. Morgan.

V.S. Morgan writes some hot guys that you don't want to miss.

Check out her Beyond Fairytales tale, Hunter's Mark.

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