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Guest Author: Erzabet Bishop

Please welcome Erzabet to the blog!! She's stopped by today to promote her new release, Club Beam, and tell you a little about her writing process. Erzabet is part of the Beyond Fairytales series at Decadent Publishing!

Take it away!

My writing process is a mix of plotter and pantser. I rely heavily on my foam core board and colourful sticky notes to get the idea framed out then a legal pad to scribble out notes. The sticky notes are a wonderful way to go because you can move them if the plot switches and you still have a structure going.
Other tools:
Pinterest: I create a board for almost every new project I start. It helps me get into the story visually. For Club Beam, it’s all about hunky Doms, sexy witches and fairy tale fetish wear are alive and well in this fun tale.

Pinterest link:

Music: Find mood music that fits your story. For this tale I listened to lots of Maroon 5, Sia, Evanescence and other moody, witchy tunes.

Chocolate: What? You’re saying it’s not a tool? (snickers) Oh yes it is.

My books:
I love to write erotic romance and you can find me all over the spectrum from a BBW sweetish retelling of Beauty and the Beast (Lucky Stars box set), dark carnival experiences (Written on Skin) to lesbian urban fantasy (Sigil Fire). I am a finalist in the Goldie Awards this year for Sigil Fire and two other anthologies and am also a finalist in the Lammy Awards for my work in Forbidden Fruit. I am currently working on some Halloween tales, a new fairy tale with dragon shifters and a psychic and an erotic romance trilogy with cowboys. Writing is an adventure and I love crafting new stories. Under my other pen name I’m delving into YA and some darker fairy tale retellings that will have readers (I hope) wanting more. Can’t keep a good fairy tale down…

You can find  the whole list of my anthology and single title works on my Amazon page

Writing advice:
The one thing I would tell any new writer is this. Keep writing. Don’t stop.
Consider everything in life for sources of inspiration.
Learning to look at publishers I liked to find out what their submission calls were was a helpful thing too. In this case, I was assigned a fairy tale and had to construct a modern day romance around it. Talk about fun! I’ve already asked for a new one!

Start small. Ray Bradbury said something that has always resonated with me. If you start with a short story a week, sooner or later you won’t be terrible. It works. Trust me.
Rejection. Learn to deal with it. If you want to be a writer, it’s going to happen. What you can do is learn from every one and do better on the next trip around. Put the piece to the side and go back to it later. There will be things you’ll notice, you’ll fix them and bam. You have a story someone will love. I can’t tell you how many of my works (many under a pen name) that have gone from rejection piles to published. You grow a thicker skin, listen to helpful criticism and grow.

Fit the publisher to the work. Not everyone likes the same things. If the publisher likes romance, don’t send them a picture book. If they like horror, no fluffy bunnies-unless they have fangs.
Format the work. If the publisher has submission requirements, please read them. They are there for a reason, and no that reason is not to drive you insane. If you don’t follow them, your hard work very likely will be passed over.

Join support groups.  Writers are a breed unto themselves. RWA (Romance Writers of America) is one of the hardest working groups I have come across and they want everyone to succeed. They have local branches as well as online and are always having classes to inform their members of changes in the industry. HWA (Horror Writers Association) is also a great group if you are horror bent.

Stay tuned for Sci Spanks in June and watch for the anthology with a special exclusive story from my Shadow World featuring Gideon, Miles and Syd as she learns the art of spanking. Sign up with the Facebook group so you don’t miss a thing.

Sci Spanks Facebook Community:

Thanks for having me on the blog today. I wish you good reading and hope you will enjoy Club Beam.
Erzabet Bishop

 In the Shadow World, nothing is as it seems. Detective Sydney Marr is having a very bad day. Her boss is on the warpath, she’s being treated for a werewolf bite, and her current case has hit a dead end. When her friend Erika talks Syd into going with her to Club Beam, she jumps at the chance, even if it means spending an evening without her spell arsenal. A high-class vampire bar and fetish club, Club Beam is fantasy made real.

Club owner and Dom Gideon Raines spies the red-haired beauty and is transfixed. A fight against a skillful murderer brings war for fae and vampire alike. Sometimes when you play with monsters, the monsters play back.

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Friday, May 15, 2015

Beyond Fairytales Blog Hop

I'm so excited to be amongst this group of amazing authors and part of the #BeyondFairytales Blog Hop! The Beyond Fairytales authors you will meet have stories already out or soon be available.

There are prizes!! Lots of them! Fifteen readers will be chosen to win a Beyond Fairytales story of their own.

Make sure you leave a comment below with your email to enter for a chance to win an ebook of your choice from my Decadent list! You can check it out here. Tell me...what is your favorite story plot? Is it enemies to lovers? Love reunited? A second-chance story? Or something else?

Saving Sultan is an adaptation of The Grimm's tale of Old Sultan. This fairytale is about loyalty and being their for each other.

Dillon Sultan never imagined he might some day lose Sultan Ranch. He’s got one month to find the money needed to keep bank from taking his family’s land. One month to find a miracle. 

Liam Callahan hasn’t talked to his best friend since the night they kissed six years ago. Now he’s got a chance to make things right and catch the man of his dreams. But first, he has to help Dillon figure out a way to keep Sultan Ranch. 

But when Dillon’s family is betrayed, and he learns that Liam hasn’t been totally honest with him, will he lose everything that matters most? 


Liam glanced at the letter in front of him once more. Patrick Sultan was four months behind on his mortgage, and the bank was ready to take everything.

To Liam, Patrick was a surrogate father. One he couldn’t figure out how to help. He hated seeing the official notice in his in-box this morning. What had started as a good day went downhill thirty seconds after he opened his e-mail. Liam wasn’t a loan officer, but he did work with Patrick on his personal banking accounts. For that reason, he kept his finger on the pulse of the business accounts as well. He pulled up the old man’s personal information once he’d read the letter. Empty. The next balance he checked could have resulted in immediate termination. The customer wasn’t assigned to him. In his position, he had access to everyone’s information, but he wasn’t supposed to view anything without the holder’s authorization.

Dillon Sultan would not give him the okay. Of that, Liam was sure. Even with the risk, he entered the ten-digit number and called up the current total balance. He was still staring at the four figures when the phone echoed through the office. 

“Liam Callahan, how can I help you?”

The person on the other end cleared his throat. The deep voice that followed made his heart stop. Not skip a beat, but a dead stop. Skipping would have been too easy to recover from.

“Liam, it’s Dillon. Sultan.”

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Saturday, April 11, 2015

#MySexySaturday~ Worth the Trouble

My Sexy Saturday is a chance to share sexy moments from a WIP, upcoming release, or previously published work. Post 7 words, sentences, or paragraphs...whatever works for you! Check out the participants here.

Welcome back and hello to the newcomers! This week I'm again sharing a snippet from, Worth the Trouble. This is the beginning of one of my absolute favorite scenes. I hope you enjoy

Purchase Worth the TroubleAmazon and Barnes and Noble.

Video game programmer Marcellus Graham is in love with his co-worker and best friend, Victor Lange. Unfortunately, he's pretty sure the feelings aren't mutual. Even if they were, he's got so many old scars he's not quite ready to take the relationship leap again.

Until one night when Vic shows up drunk at Marc’s doorstep and kisses him, only to pass out and remember nothing the next morning. The two of them are stubborn more often than not. But will the chance of finding lasting love be worth the trouble?

“Do you want me to finish it, Marc? I will if that's what you want.” Vic groaned when he his cock twitched. He held his breath waiting for an answer.

Rustling sounded on the other end of the line. Marc didn't say anything, but Vic knew he was moving around. A few loud thumps sounded, Vic assumed he tossed his bag to the floor.

When Marc spoke Vic let out a long sigh, “Yeah, I do. I need you, Vic. Ludicrous, since we haven't been together that long, but it's the truth.”

“I need you so bad I could come in my pants just hearing your voice. Are you really okay if we do this? I mean, I’ve never…but if you…”

“Okay. Damn, Vic. It’s my fault we haven’t been together in a week. My cock is so hard I could hammer nails with it.”

They both sat silent on the phone. Marc’s breathing grew faster and Vic’s pulse followed suit.

“Now about that shower,” Marc said. “What exactly would you do to me? Describe it in detail while I stroke myself. Oh, and take your hand off your cock. You're not coming until I tell you to.”

See you next week!